#ENTGrandLaunch – for children better development!

Being a mother of a eight months old if I consider the amount of time children spend playing with toys, it seems strange that so little attention has been drawn to their contribution to development in our country until recently I went in the Grand Launch of The Entertainer toy store at Emporium Mall, Lahore-Pakistan.
Store is divided into proper sections as per the unique, innovative and interactive toys.

The Entertainer seem like a premier destination for toys in Pakistan as it caters to the demand for high-quality toys and official merchandise in Pakistan by leading global toy brands, and provides customers a unique and exciting in-store experience. With over 30 years of retail experience, the SEFAM Group decided to bring UK’s favorite and largest toy retailer, The Entertainer, to Pakistan – identifying the need in the market for a proper toy shop.

The Entertainer is the first-of-its-kind chain of standalone toy shops in Pakistan and provides an experience consistent with global standards. The Entertainer was founded in 1981 in the UK and has over 100 stores across the UK. The Entertainer aims to open up toy shops across Pakistan and establish a network of toy shops that offer the largest variety of toys and toy brands, quality, convenience and immaculate customer service by well-trained staff. The Entertainer aims to capture majority market share for toys across Pakistan with objectives such as maintaining the right kind of stock in its stores; training its staff with in-depth knowledge about product lines and keeping the staff motivated; continue to build on the customer experience via various in-store activities and events; and focus on providing an excellent and unparalleled online shopping experience on its largest variety of toys and toy brands, quality, convenience and immaculate customer service by well-trained staff. The Entertainer aims to capture majority market share for toys across Pakistan with objectives such as maintaining the right kind of stock in its stores; training its staff with in-depth knowledge about product lines and keeping the staff motivated; continue to build on the customer experience via various in-store activities and events; and focus on providing an excellent and unparalleled online shopping experience on its

Website: http://www.thetoyshop.pk/pk

Products: http://www.theentertainer.pk/pk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/entertainerpk

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/theentertainerpk/




The greedy marriage – #Pujaran

17390615_1828142987511685_9066110748198605975_oMarriage; the word itself suggest a relationship that is based on trust, love and respect. Its been consider in our society and as per Islam teachings, that a person is incomplete until he/she is married or in simple words “marriage is half of religion”.

We keep witnessing unstable and unhappy couples on media every now and than. Mainly due to breaking some very essential rules of a married life i.e” lust, sloth, gluttony & darkness, wrath, envy and pride”. Surely the influences of our media/drama serials on our hearts and minds are immense and therefore I always used to think why are we highlighting so much negativity and not ONLY the positive side? With time and age ofcourse I came to realize how important it is to create awareness and to show the possible consciousness of such actions in ones life. Over the time, many dramas have left great impact on our society against dowry, women rights, violence on women etc etc. but I wonder why do we always criticize men?  Women have no role to play in their marriage breakups? well mostly it does feel this way after sitting infront of a television for an hour!

Thankfully, after ages I have come up with a drama plot called “Pujaran” starting soon on TVOne, which has raised a very common but untold, ugly truth of our society i.e “marriages based on greed”.
Yes, you heard right! Greed; the most common disease found in marriages today and it is no surprise that WOMEN are one step ahead in the race! Pujaran has taken this initiative to showcase a woman’s passion for money over family and friends which is likely a threat to destroy many lives.

The plot goes something like this;

The beautiful Madiha marries Ramis for his wealth.
Then destiny brings Abis closer to her.
But Abis is married to her best friend Haniya.
Will Madiha accept her fate? Or will she flight for what she loves?

lets find out that soon on TVOne.

A secret letter to my daddy about mommy!

My dearest daddy, Firstly I want to congratulate you on your new role as a father and now that I look just like you, deep down, secretly I am very happy that you won this bet from my mommy! ^_^ *high five* I know you must be on the seventh cloud with pride, so am I, dearest daddy! 😀 Anyways, cuteness is now over. It about time when we should have a little chat about mommy.

I want to aware you with the fact how is our little day spent while you are in the office. Well, now a days your better half (i.e your wife and my mommy)  use to get up really late in the morning looking like a zombie after getting few hours of sleep at night, I am making sure to kill her with guilt for taking extra 20 minutes of nap while I was AWAKE! She has had me for almost 6 months now. The first few months were really awesome but now she has learnt some smart ways to sleep thru the night and her trick is to full my tummy with SOLIDS so i wake up less and less during the night. That’s about the night time. In the morning she again fills me up with some extra protein and carbs diet thrice a day and some snacks in the intervals, can you believe it!? And that’s how she mange to spent her day smooth, cooking and cleaning for me and then yeah,cooking and cleaning for you then playing and comforting me then some “smooth time” with her cell phone for like 10 MINUTES! then again cooking and cleaning for me… then comforting me..then again her” SMOOTH TIME” and so this chain goes on and on until you arrive from the office.

P.s there are days daddy when she cooks and clean herself up!  I thought it was just a phase, but it is only getting worse. We must do something about it daddy! Mummy don’t really need her “smooth time” every now and then. It’s just her habit. Many of them have had some 25+ years of smooth time – they just don’t need it anymore. So I am implementing a plan. I name it #helpmommy.

It will go like this:

Night 1: I’ll wake up every 3 hours at night, and cry. She will quickly wakes up and fed me as she doesn’t want your sleep to get disturbed.

Night 2: I’ll keep dragging up my blanket to my nose level so that she doesn’t fall asleep through out the night worrying I would suffocate!

Nights after above 2: Mommy will stay alert and start to respond more quickly. whether its too hot, too cold, just right – doesn’t matter! just keep crying and KEEP HER ALERT! That would be my key.

During the day I will need your assistance daddy! Make sure you keep telling mommy that the house is not clean enough, food is not good enough, clothes are not washed on time and etc etc.So THAT will build constant pressure and she would keep that on her head whether she is able to do it or not. It will still remain in her head! Remember daddy CONSISTENCY IS KEY! I know it’s hard! But she really does not need her “smooth time” (be it mentally or physically)

At some point I am positive she will start to realize that we are only helping her out with our #helpmommy mission.

P.S. Don’t let her fool you with the lame excuses she give you, and tells you how difficult it is to mange things with me!

Be smart.


I won’t ever let my daughter be called a princess!

While being a princess sounds so beautiful, charming, well cared for, and “saved” in every sticky situations by their prince is just something NOT realistic!I don’t want my daughter to believe to get everything she wants just by looking charming and beautiful outside.

I certainly don’t plan my 6 months old looking for any prince charming rather than hugs and kisses from her mommy and daddy, and ofcourse the new food shes getting introduced each day! God, she loves food! So this is what I am so curious and afraid about because I know for sure in the real world, people don’t treat you like royalty and sometimes doesn’t even respect you the way you deserve. So why are we doing this to our little girls? Can’t we rather empower them with the idea that being a doctor or scientist is just as powerful and worth celebrating as a princess? I’m not saying you should NEVER call your daughter a princess. Let me be very, very clear about that! But I have seen parents and grandparents using the word incessantly to the point where I wonder if this little person will ever grow up to know their original name? :/

Perhaps I believe we need to be a little more vocal about how cool being an astronaut would be with the girls too because after all, let’s be honest; your daughter has a BETTER chance at being an ASTRONAUT than being a PRINCESS! period.

So lets give our best shot in making them confident enough in the knowledge and skills she has, so that when a problem does occurs, she can be able to tangle it herself before she asks others for help. keeping in mind the media offers, this will surely be the biggest challenge. I hope that as they grows, they relay on their intellect, curiosity, and kindness to navigate life, rather than the appearance.

p.s Do me a favor. Do the world a favor. Stop calling girls “princesses.”

Babies, better dresser than Adults now a days!


My daughter Haniya, to whom we call hanno is about 5 months and guess what, she is almost more than double her birthweight and by the time she reaches one year, she is going to be approximately triple her birth weight, so you all can just imagine how much baby clothes that means you will be buying! And not to forget, babies dressing have got so much better than us Adults! I wonder when did that happened? where was this trend when I was a kid? ugh!

But hey, let’s put a pause there for now! first thing first.
Baby clothing may seem too cute to resist, but truth is, newborns don’t need many outfits during their first few months. So how do you know what to get? lets take you through the infant clothes that essentially matter.
1)Newborn Clothing Set (for their first precious day in the world)
2)Socks and Newborn Caps
3)A soft wearable blanket
4)Bibs and Burp Cloths (As many as you can get, lol)
6) And last but not the least bodysuits, bodysuits and bodysuits!

So as they step out of there swaddles and wrappers zone the real styling combat began! see it yourself! If you have looked at my Instagram account for even a minute you will see that I have an obsession with these babies!

check out the attitude huh.
look how well she is carrying those sunflowers on her head! :O
unisex clothes for babies and kids!
Play Hard!
Sweetness! ^_^
oh boy!
Oh that hat and laggies! ❤
Am I the only one who just fell in love at the first sight?!
when simplicity and beauty combines together!

Letter to new mum

Dear mum to be,

You just can’t wait to hold your tiny little baby in your swollen hand and to kiss him/her with those lips that can hardly speak after the horrible labor you just went through and surly you wish to hug him/her so tight with that fussy body of yours?I know it sounds so harsh but trust me reality is gonna be worst!

I mean not to scare you dear mum to be, but just know there are going to be countless moments during your first year of motherhood, when you will thought ‘why did no one tell me about this!?’
I should not wait any further to warn you first about stupid random aunties tell you to give your baby formula because he/she is crying and says “hes/shes not full by your milk” WTH! -.- and IF your baby is on formula already, they will make your life hell and judge you as the worst mother ever! adding on you will be so tired hearing a discussion about baby’s skin color and soon you will lost the count of daily advice’s on how you should bath your baby, how to feed, how to remove extra hair from their little bodies, how to change a nappy, how much layers of clothing to put on and the list goes on and on…

Moving on, it’s perfectly fine to admit you won’t just fall in “love” with your baby the moment it was out and put close to your eyes where you would only see a creepy thingy covered in blood. Its okay..I felt the same way – but no thank you, you and I better not fancy a cuddle at that moment.
-Dear mum to be, find out a polite way of saying opinionated people to buzz off!
-Dear mum to be, You will really, honestly NEVER be alone again. And when I say this I mean literally while pooping,showering, eating, etc etc ( P.s “IF” you ever get chance to do any of that)
-Dear mum to be, No one will actually tell you that once you get used to not being alone all the time, trust me on this YOU WILL MISS them when they are sleeping because they are just so SO cute…Oh shit is her head moving? Run..Run now..!
-Dear mum to be, having a baby might make you distanced from your husband, but who cares? As long as when you see him playing/looking after the baby and that would make you want to use escape from there to use bathroom with happiness for as long as you wish to!

Lastly dear mum to be, remember despite feeling like you wouldn’t know the first thing about motherhood, once you have your baby, trust me on this one, your instincts would never ever fail you. Some just make it easier than others and some makes it like they are the only ones who are looking after the baby in this whole wide world! No one will tell you that you will feel mad after the baby and also lonely, scared and weirdly not like your own self anymore, just like no one told me these things..

Hang in there, Because some one DID tell me, that those feelings don’t last forever and that sometimes they will come back and you will probably want to run away but just know it’s not forever! ❤

A new mother.